Kanal to Hectare Converter ( 1 Kanal = ? Hectare )

Kanal to Hectare Converter

Hi, if you also get confused like me when you get to heard the different land measuring units that too varies from place to place, then you have come to the right place. Kanal is an old measurement unit that is introduced in British times but in some places like rural areas of Pakistan and … Read more

Kanal to Acre Converter ( 1 Kanal = ? Acre )

Some people may not be aware of the measurement unit, Kanal, as it is used in rural areas of North India and Pakistan. It is a very old measurement unit which was introduced during British time but nowadays not used commonly like before. Though, some people believe that Kanal is a better measurement technique than … Read more

Gunta (guntha) to Acre Calculator (1 Gunta = ? Acre)

gunta to acre

If you want to know how many Acres in one Gunta then you will find your answer here because our Gunta (guntha) to Acre converter will give you the exact result that you want to see and your land measurement problem will be solved in just a few steps. 1 gunta is Equal to 0.025 … Read more

Acre to Bigha Converter in Gujarat (1 Acre =? Bigha )

Convert Acre to Bigha (In Gujarat)

Bigha is the most common measurement unit used in many states of India. On other side, Acre is an international unit of measurement and it is approx 1.56 times larger than bigha in Gujarat. Below you can see other value of 1 Acre to bigha in Gujarat using our converter. Acre (ac) to Bigha Converter … Read more