Biswa to Gaj Converter (1 Biswa = ? Gaj)

Biswa to Gaj Converter

Biswa is a measurement unit commonly used in the rural areas of North India. However, you will never see Biswa used in real estate business as it is not a unit i.e. nationally as a standardized unit. So, if you are looking to convert Biswa into Gaj, then you came to the right place. However, … Read more

Bigha to Biswa Converter – { 1 Bigha = ? Biswa }

Convert bigha to biswa

Bigha is not an SI unit but widely used in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. In Bigha, there is around 6700 square meter. this value might vary from place to place. On Other side, Biswa is also not an SI unit. Actually, Biswa is derived after bigha. 1 bigha is equal to 20 Biswa.  Katha also … Read more