100 Gajam in Square Feet Conversion

If you want to know how many Square Feet are there in 100 Gajam then you will find your answer here because our Gajam to Square Feet Converter will give you the exact result that you want to see and your land measurement problem will be solved in just a few steps. Square Feet is … Read more

Biswa to Gaj Converter (1 Biswa = ? Gaj)

Biswa to Gaj Converter

Biswa is a measurement unit commonly used in the rural areas of North India. However, you will never see Biswa used in real estate business as it is not a unit i.e. nationally as a standardized unit. So, if you are looking to convert Biswa into Gaj, then you came to the right place. However, … Read more

Square Yard to Gaj Converter ( 1 Sq. Yard = ? Gaj )

Square Yard (sq yd) To Square Gaj Conveter

Sq. Yard and Gaj are the two most commonly used unit for measurement in the Indian subcontinent and especially in North India. Gaj is also known as “Guj” at some places is actually same as Sq. Yard. Now, you will find it interesting that 1 Sq. Yard = 1 Gaj, but at some places, we will … Read more

Hectare to Decimal Converter(1 Hectare = ? Decimal)

Hectare to decimal Converter

Decimal is also another very old measurement unit that is officially obsoleted during mid 20th century after metrication in India and Bangladesh. Nowadays, decimal has a very different meaning but if you still see decimal somewhere written as a unit, don’t think of it as wrong, because it was a measurement system once used long … Read more