Marla to Hectare Converter ( 1 Marla = ? Hectare )

Marla To Hectare Converter

Hi Reader, if you are one of the guys who haven’t heard about Marla before here, then don’t get shocked. Marla is a very old technique that is standardized by the Britishers in India during their rule. I personally, never heard of this unit until the time I read it about through various sources. Marla … Read more

30 Ankanam in S.q ft (Square Feet) Converter

Hello friends welcome to khetigyan converter. In this article, you will get to know how many square feet are there in 30 Ankanam. An Ankanam is a unit of measurement that is similar to Acre that is mostly used in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In these states also you will find the different measurements for … Read more

Kanal to Hectare Converter ( 1 Kanal = ? Hectare )

Kanal to Hectare Converter

Hi, if you also get confused like me when you get to heard the different land measuring units that too varies from place to place, then you have come to the right place. Kanal is an old measurement unit that is introduced in British times but in some places like rural areas of Pakistan and … Read more

Kanal to Acre Converter ( 1 Kanal = ? Acre )

Some people may not be aware of the measurement unit, Kanal, as it is used in rural areas of North India and Pakistan. It is a very old measurement unit which was introduced during British time but nowadays not used commonly like before. Though, some people believe that Kanal is a better measurement technique than … Read more

Cent to Gunta Converter ( 1 Cent = ? gunta)

Cent to Gunta Converter

well, let me guess something… if you are reading this post then you must be from north India or Pakistan. Now, you might be thinking that how I know your location? The answer is very simple, you are searching for cent to gunta( also know as Guntha) converter and Gunta is popular unit used in … Read more